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Atoto S8 Ultra Gen 2 (7) Silk Screen Protector

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In-Car Multimedia
Main Function:
Scratch Protection
Surface Finish:
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Device Release Date:
November 2020
Compatible Device:
Atoto S8 Ultra Gen 2 (7)
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Ambient light conditions and excess light from sunlight or indoor lighting distort visibility and distract interaction with your touchscreen display. Celicious Matte Lite for Atoto S8 Ultra Gen 2 (7) is a mild anti-glare screen protector that helps reduce glare and diffuse reflections aiding in increased visibility. Unlike an ordinary anti-glare screen protector which is typically matte textured, Celicious Matte Lite features a smooth silky surface texture delivering optimal optical clarity and seamless touch sensitivity. The film-based screen protector is easy to apply adhering firmly to the flat surface of the screen without any trapped air pockets.