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Apple iPhone 5s Matte Plus Screen Protector

Compatible with:
Apple iPhone 5s
Device Released:
September 2013
Main Function:
Unique Feature:
Impact Resistance
Surface Finish:

Smartphone screens come with many limitations. Ambient light conditions and excess light distort visibility and distract seamless interaction with the screen. Further, scratches and scuffs may not only be the concern when it comes to protecting the screen. Sudden shocks and drops pose the biggest challenge especially when inflicted directly to the screen. Celicious Matte Plus for Apple iPhone 5s is an anti-glare screen protector which also protects against shocks by absorbing, dispersing and dissipating sudden forces. Unlike tempered glass, this high-tech polymer-based multi-layered screen protector is shatterproof; hence it can never fail by cracking once exposed to impact. It features an exceptional matte surface that reduces glare from ambient light and an advanced silicone based adhesive backing that eases application avoiding air pockets. Celicious Matte Plus delivers great optical clarity and an anti-scratch surface offering an anti-shock and an anti-glare solution in a single screen protector.

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